NEURO-ZIKA: Neurological Manifestations of Zika

A meeting of the ZikaPLAN Neuro Zika Group was held at the University of Glasgow on January 18, 2017 to review progress on understanding the neurological aspects of Zika infection. Prof. Tom Solomon of the University of Liverpool, Prof. Hugh Willison of the University of Glasgow, and Prof. Bart Jacobs of Erasmus University brought together their team members from Brazil and Europe to compare understanding of the disease in humans with the animal and tissue culture models.

Among the very many members who joined the group for this meeting were:  Dr. Lance Turtle, Dr. Mark Ellul, Dr. Mike Griffiths and Ms Raquel Medialdea-Carrera.

All the participants gave brief talks presenting the latest updates on the Neuro Zika Work and on future plans.