May 18, 2017

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has published a protocol entitled "Procedures for monitoring changes in growth and development from pregnancy to early childhood, related to infection by Zika virus and other infectious etiologies within the operational capacity of the Health Unit System*".

The publication of this protocol of surveillance and health care coincides with the global debate on congenital syndrome associated with Zika virus infection and all the consequences associated with changes in the growth and development of the affected children. The document includes the criteria for investigation, notification and classification of cases taking into account the most recent findings and clinical manifestations of this new disease. It also presents a set of guidelines for care.

*Procedimentos para o monitoramento das alterações no crescimento e desenvolvimento a partir da gestação até a primeira infância, relacionadas à infecção pelo vírus Zika e outras etiologias infeciosas dentro da capacidade operacional du SUS.

Download proctocol in Portuguese