Featured Publication

Diagnosis and Treatment of Guillain‐Barré Syndrome During The Zika Virus Epidemic In Brazil: A National Survey Study

Leonhard S.E. et al. - Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, November 20, 2019

This national survey study aims to provide a better understanding of how neurologists in Brazil are currently diagnosing and treating patients with GBS, and how this increase in incidence has impacted the management of the disease.

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Research Focus

NEURO-ZIKA: Neurological Manifestations of Zika

Defining the spectrum of neurological diseases associated with Zika virus (ZIKV) infection, in both the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) of adults and children.

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WEAR: Wearable Aedes Repellent Technologies

To protect pregnant women, novel, wash-in detergent formulations and long-lasting plastic technologies containing repellents for the treatment of clothing and other wearable repellent technologies are being developed using new microencapsulation techniques.

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Investigating Vaccines in Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Identifying the major T-cell epitopes and cross reactive B-cell epitopes on ZIKV and assessing the role of flavivirus antibodies in protective and pathogenic immunity following ZIKV through antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

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