WEAR: (Wearable Aedes Repellent Technologies)

Professor James Logan, who leads the WEAR (Wearable Aedes Repellent Technologies) working group in ZikaPLAN, is teaching a new online course on Zika virus vector control. Featured in the January-February edition of Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, the course was developed by ARCTEC at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and will start May 8th on the FutureLearn online education platform. It is offered free of charge and is designed for staff working in vector control or NGOs in the field, students in healthcare or science degree programs, medical and postgraduate students, as well as faculty. The course runs for a three-week period for four hours a week.

So far, there have been almost 15 000 enrollments from 203 countries.Over 3 500 of the participants are from Zika affected countries. 81% of these are active learners and have contributed to the 15 637 comments that have been posted so far.

Professor Logan is a Professor of Medical Entomolog in the Department of Disease Control at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Director of the Arthropod Control Product Test Centre (ARCTEC).

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