Three Zika consortia – ZikaPLAN, ZikAction and ZIKAlliance – are working together to lay the groundwork for a Latin-American and Caribbean network for emerging infectious diseases (EID) preparedness and response.

Overall Objective

The network will be equipped to support a rapid and coherent research response to the Zika outbreak in the short term and to other vector-borne and emerging infectious disease outbreaks in Latin America in the long term.

Specific Objectives

    • Establish a regional network of excellence for research that shares knowledge, expertise and provides local support and training when and were needed in EID preparedness and response,
    • Collaborate with regional and international networks to leverage synergies, share knowledge and identify and address regulatory bottlenecks in EID preparedness and response,
    • Leverage input and data from peer networks and research databases with the aim of speeding up evidence generation and improving research efficiencies in EID preparedness and response,
    • Develop a sustainability plan that will allow the network to continue beyond the funding period.
Latin-American Preparedness Network (PLAN)

Latin American Preparedness Network (PLAN)

Participating Organisations

Group leader: Prof. Trudie Lang, University of Oxford

    • Umeå University
    • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
    • Ulster University
    • Fondation Mérieux
    • Fundação de Apoio à Universidade de São Paulo
    • Associação Técnica–Científica de Estudo Colaborativo Latino Americano de Malformações Congênitas (ECLAMC)
    • Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz)
    • Universidade de Pernambuco